John R. Brodie, JP

About the Book

Destruction Is Our Policy

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About the Book

Every time someone misbehaves or commits a crime, the authorities have more reasons to invade our privacy.

Throughout Australia, there are tens-of-thousands of cameras watching the moves of citizens. Law enforcement organizations are collecting photographs of individuals and even documenting how people walk to catch offenders. Those who do wrong are undermining the privacy and quality of life of those in the right, and it won’t be long before everyone is living under a suppressive dictatorship.

Meanwhile, adults who’ve ignored social education are obsessive about maintaining academic education standards. Many children are never taught the basics of self-discipline, obedience, and respect – all of which must be learned early on in life.

The author also highlights how a poor attitude can lead to poor performance, particularly in the workplace. These problems are not limited to Australia.

Join the author as he explores these problems and more, offering a detailed commentary on what Australians and people everywhere can do to improve their quality of life.

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