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Destruction Is Our Policy

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About the Author

John R. Brodie JP or “Mr. B” – as John is better known, has a great diversity of involvement in life. He undertook part of a civil engineering course, when leaving school, before moving from design drafting into on-site construction. He worked on many major projects in New South Wales, New Guinea and Queensland. There was a lull in construction, in the mid-1960’s, so John went jackarooing for 18-months on a friend’s cattle station, in Marlborough, North Queensland. John moved back to Sydney and accepted a contract with the NSW Lands Department to assist a staff surveyor set out the first two stages of the now north Sydney suburb of Belrose.

The construction industry was still in limbo so it was time to try something new. Adastra Aerial Surveys, stationed at Sydney Airport, was looking for a cameraman. Adastra had a contract to photograph all of the Northern Territory, for the Department of National Mapping. The aircraft was an unpressurised, exworld-war-two, Hudson Bomber. John and the navigator were dressed in fur-lined clothing and located in the Perspex, nosecone in front of the piolet. It was freezing. They flew the photographic runs at 15,000 feet. In 10-months, they had eight, forced landings, because the port motor kept running out of oil, and one afternoon almost crashed on Kununurra, just over the border in Western Australia.

John met a woman, in Tennant Creek, just before returning to Sydney. The two were married in 1969 and John moved to Toowoomba. This was the start of a long career in construction management including the building of some 240 houses on the Sunshine Coast, during the early 1870’s. John moved back to Toowoomba but nothing in construction was offering so he took a job on the secretariat of the Darling Downs Branch of The Endeavour Foundation. They managed the facilities housing hundreds of mostly young people suffering Downs Syndrome. It was quite an education. In 1980, John was employed by a large group of consulting engineers to supervise their major projects and the first was the Clifford Gardens shopping complex in Toowoomba. On completion, he moved to Airlie Beach to undertake the Whitsunday Terraces Resort. It was during this time that John was divorced and through Introduction Agencies met many women admitting to being victims of domestic violence. In those days, DV was not a crime. John interviewed many women to understand the how-what-and-why of DV. Some introduced John to friends currently locked in to a DV environment. It was John’s ability at strategy planning that allowed him to assist several women to escape the violent husband. During the 1980’s, John met many abused women who seemed to have difficulty coping but did not know why. It was the end of 1990, when John was living in Brisbane establishing his own Project Management Company that he understood. A business partner – accountant – turned out to be a conman and stripped John of all that he owned. No one saw it coming – not even his lawyers or accountant firm.

It was shattering. This cast John into cheap, share-housing, with people who had no idea of peaceful coexistence. Week-afterweek, living in a hostile, abusive environment – took its toll. In 1994, John was invited by a friend to help with a business campaign and John found that his capacity to perform was shattered. This four-year period of abuse had even impacted on his intellectual capacity and he struggled to communicate and deal with anything problematical. In 1995, John finally got a full-time job with Brisbane City Council – as a Base Rate Clerk – working with teenagers and he struggled to perform. It was humiliating but he persevered. It was 1997 when he met Ms. Ann Macbeth, who is a highly skilled, international Psychologist, specialising in deep-seated, emotional problems. It was Ann who helped John recover from the impact of Emotional Abuse and it took years of perseverance. This knowledge invigorated John’s subsequent assistance to women suffering emotional abuse injury – as a successful coach.

This provoked John’s detailed investigation of the escalation of domestic violence and abuse, the way that it was being treated, the impact on victims, children and the community and the way that the bureaucratic and legal system actually stimulate destruction. He joined several DV and Child Rights campaigns, as well as countless campaigns trying to raise standards, in general. This because a way-of-life, in his role as an ethical Justice of the Peace, for 46-years, and a staunch member of the Ethics Revival Centre, in Sydney. As John said, “strategy planning to beat the odds is an art.” It is his skills in strategy planning and understanding how things fit together that made John an outstanding problem-solver in the construction industry.

The following itemises John’s diversity of community assistance, his involvement in the ethical administration of organisations and his practiced knowledge of Constitutions.

  • Branch Secretariat 2-years – The Endeavour Foundation – 1970’s.
  • Justice of the Peace Commission – since February 1973.
  • Contributed to reform in Law, domestic abuse & other social matters.
  • Privately assisted women victims of violence and abuse – since 1983.
  • Addressed Clubs on ethical conduct and constitutional loyalty and redesign – since 1980.
  • Council Member – Queensland Justice’s Assoc – (investigating internal corruption) 1990’s.
  • Board Secretary 3 years – Brisbane Youth Crisis Service – (street-kid crisis) – 1990’s.
  • Contributor – Royal Commission into Corruption in the Building Industry. 1997.
  • Founding Executive Member – Family Council of Queensland. (Designed the Constitution)
  • Coach & Counsellor – Emotional Abuse Injury – since 2004 based on practical experience.
  • Invited contributor to Federal Government Committees on Domestic Abuse.
  • Past Member & Professional Chairman – Queensland Horse Council – 2008.
  • Inducted member of Lions International – 2013.
  • Member – National Child Protection Alliance – 2014.
  • Contributor – Queensland Taskforce on Domestic Abuse – 2015.
  • Counsellor & Coach – Abuse Injury & Distress – Bay Islands Community Services – 2015.
  • Member – Brave Hearts – 2015.
  • Member – Queensland Foster Care Association – 2016.
  • Member – Australian Women Against Violence Association – 2016.
  • Member – The Ethics Revival Centre in Sydney – 2016