Destruction Is Our Policy

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Destruction Is Our Policy

The policy of destruction” – forces so many Aid Organisation to adopt “band-aide application” that ignores solution and prevention. The waste of money and resources is massive. This “destruction policy” is literally aiding-and-abetting in the erosion of social education standards and causing the escalation of bad behaviour. The impact on our cost of living and quality of social coexistence, as a community is horrendous.

To turn around the demise of ethics epidemic, to raise the quality of those in administration and to improve the quality of decision-making, to reduce crime & misconduct – WE MUST raise the quality of social education. To do this – we must take a stand NOW and change the constitution, the destructive embrace of “band-aide application” – redesign our pitiful legal system into a supportive, respectable, Justice System and build a new foundation to a better quality of social education.

To change the damaging Culture of Politics, we must base political thinking on an ethical foundation and restrict its now entrenched, unbalanced means of motivation – too often with little or no regard for consequence.

Ethical leadership is our only means to a better quality of life.

From Prologue